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Internet starting at only              TV starting at only                TV + Internet starting at only
$14.99/mo                                    $29.99/mo                           $44.99/mo
for 12 months                                for 12 months                      for 12 months

Speed up your basic internet experience, choose from the many Time Warner Cable Internet packages:

Up to 3Mbps         Up to 15 Mbps        Up to 20 Mbps    Up to 30 Mbps      Up to 50 Mbps
$29.99/mo             $34.99/mo               $44.99/mo           $54.99/mo            $64.99/mo
for 12 mos             for 12 mos               for 12 mos           for 12 mos             for 12 mos

Time Warner Cables internet packages and plans allow you to pick what suites your needs.  The very basic package is best for emailing, online banking and connecting with your friends and family on Facebook and the other social networks. The mid level package of $34.99/mo gives you additional ability to share photographs, download music and gets you free access to TWC WiFi. While the “Ultimate” package is for gamers and homes with multiple users and devices.

Time Warner Cable in NYC brings you the latest in technology. Turn your TV into an enhanced, interactive high-definition experience where you can enjoy the very latest in home entertainment – on your schedule when you subscribe to this service. Your favorite shows are available to your and your family when you are ready to watch them as we have many ways for you to control what you watch and when you watch it. And in case you accidentally searched for TImes Warner Cable NYC, we’ve got you covered as you probably meant Time Warner Cable New York.

When subscribing to Time Warner Cable in NYC, new customers can save a lot of money with our special deals and promotions.  Time Warner Cable customers have a variety of packages to choose from.  Each package has features and benefits that best suit the customers needs.  Some of the choices are Latino, sports, informational and premium movie packages. The Time Warner Cable difference is crystal clear with HDTV. Amazing picture quality and Dolby Digital® sound on tons of HDTV channels at no extra charge, unlike satellite. Find information about your favorite programs and easily search for other shows that interest you with the Time Warner Cable’s new on-screen channel guide.  Time Warner Cable in NYC has made a commitment to help parents and children make responsible choices about television and Internet usage by providing parental controls such as block by rating, block TV shows and series, block time slots, lift restrictions so you can watch and the ability to change your pin. Plus, with Time Warner Cable NYC Pay Bill it’s easy to keep track and manage your account.

Be it The New York Rangers or Staten Island Yankees with Time Warner Cable in New York you can now watch live sports at home and on the go. You also get to watch college football and a lot of other regional action. If you are a sports lover, you can bundle the internet service at no additional cost, and get access to ESPN 3. You have more than 3500 live matches available for streaming on ESPN3 and you also have exclusive access to archives of old matches. There are also commercial-free music channels available and you can enjoy your favorite genre without any interruption. So, if you want a Time Warner Cable NYC contact, call today using the number at the top of your screen.

The DVR service redefines the way you watch television, don’t even worry about missing your shows on the Time Warner Cable NYC channel guide. You can rewind, pause and even record live television. If you are watching a live telecast, say for example, a political debate and you missed a point that was made; you can always rewind and continue watching it from where you missed. With the DVR service, you will never miss another favorite show of yours. You can schedule to record a particular episode or the entire series. The TV guide lists all the future programs and with the click of a button you can configure the DVR to record the show; and even in your absence, it would automatically record the show from the scheduled start time till the show ends. The recorded show can be watched anytime you wish. Be rest assured that you would never miss your favorite show.

If you want to know more about the triple play or double play bundles, TV listings, channel guides, internet plans, home phone service packages and deals or if you have any queries, you can speak to the representatives by calling them on Time Warner Cable’s NYC contact number listed on this website.

Call Now: 1-855-296-6890

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