All That We Know About Apple’s iWatch

All That We Know About Apple’s iWatchIf rumors are to be believed the so called iWatch from Apple will be made available sometime this year. Mind you this piece of information comes from one of the most trusted sources. It is also speculated that the iWatch could come packed with a 1.5-inch passive display, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and curved glass; a technology that Apple recently patented. Talking about patents that Apple filed for, it is also believed that the company based in Cupertino has filed for about 79 patents that include the word ‘wrist’.

Another patent that was also filed by Apple revealed more information about the wrist watch that is anticipated to be launched. It is learnt that the iWatch will be more or less like a slap wrap or a slap bracelet. It is also speculated that this device will measure about one inch in width and around 9 inches in length.

There are talks about iWatch also being powered by iOS. However, it is also speculated that this watch can make use of the touch-OS that is used in the iPod Nano. One of the challenges that the company will face is with the battery of iWatch.

Media watchers and highly placed sources share the opinion that Apple can earn more profits by launching the iWatch compared to iTV. This is true considering Apple’s profit margin it sets for every product it sells.. Yet another source also seconds that a luxury product like a watch can earn Apple more profit than a TV set. This comes after taking into consideration the expected amount of revenue that the international watch market is predicted to generate this year. In the year 2013 it is estimated that the global watch market will generate a revenue of around $60 billion. Additionally, it is also learnt that the watch manufacturing industry enjoys a profit margin of about 60 per cent compared to around 10 per cent profit margin that TV manufacturing companies register.

Since the start of 2013 rumors of the iWatch have become more frequent than they used to be. We will have to wait and watch how many such rumors actually materialize. This is something that only time can tell.

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