Evil Dead Will Leave You Sleepless For Days

Evil Dead Will Leave You Sleepless For DaysIt’s been a while since Hollywood has managed to muster up a horror flick that actually did more than try to sneak up on us and make us jump out of our skin every now and then. It isn’t just about the creepy factor, the brutality, or the plot as a whole. Evil Dead is like Saw but with an actual horror aspect and not just a lot of gore.

Evil Dead is a remake of the 80’s Evil Dead franchise but with a slight twist in the plot. Unlike most remakes, the creators of the movie have ensured to not simply give the audience the exact same plot that’s enhanced with extra effects that the advancements in technology allow nowadays. The story in itself has been modified slightly to cater to the current audience. One obvious change would be the absence of the character Ash (Bruce Campbell) who was a prominent figure in the 80’s franchise.

This time the movie once again revolves around 5 friends heading off to an isolated cabin but not to spend their vacation there like the initial installment. In the new movie, they’re headed there to help the protagonist Mia (Jane Levy) kick a drug habit. Her support group comprises of her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) and a couple of her friends. Together the 5 head to her family cabin located (of course) in the woods, completely away from civilization making it less likely for anyone to hear their screams of terror.

Eventually one of them comes across the Book of the Dead that’s conveniently wrapped up in barbed wire. The group, like every other curious 20-something year olds become intrigued with the book, that’s actually used for summoning up demons lurking in the woods. Needless to say, the 5 are then left fighting for survival against a horde of barbaric demons that possess and turn them against each other. Eventually (Spoiler Alert!) only one person is left intact. Maybe, the barbed wire should’ve given them a hint to not tamper in stuff that’s not theirs…and looks quite creepy.

Now when I say barbaric demons, I’m simply downplaying the extent of their cruelty although one may wonder who’s more violent…the demons or the sane human beings who stop at nothing when it comes to the fight for survival. The movie is definitely not one for the fainthearted, as it involves a lot and a lot of gore. You have the blood, creepy woods, chain saws, blood, mutilations, psychopathic behavior, bone-chilling smiles, blood, sinister voices, and…did I mention the blood? In other words, it has all the makings of a movie that’s bound to have movie goers balled up in terror.

Evil Dead may be director Sam Raimi’s baby as he made the initial franchise. However, debut film maker Fede Alvarez seems to have taken the movie up a couple of notches with his own little twists. One will be able to see for themselves when the movie comes out on the silver screen this Friday, the 5Th of April…Although you may need to first prepare yourself for days of sleepless nights. Evil Dead is bound to haunt you in your sleep for a while after.

Entertain and Educate Your Kid With This Week’s Apps

Entertain and Educate Your Kid With This Week’s AppsYou’re having people over for dinner and have yet to get around to tidying up the house and finishing up with the cooking, before they do. You have to get a move on, but your kid has taken it upon himself to complicate matters all the more by wrecking havoc all over the house. You can’t keep chasing him around and begging him for mercy, nor do you want to be the kind of parent who plants them in front of the television set so as to keep them entertained. If only there were a more healthy way out where you could keep them entertained while broadening their horizon.

That’s where apps come to the rescue. With the numerous apps in the market to help educate your child, one can now be assured of keeping them occupied without worrying about negative repercussions of any sort.

• Dr. Panda’s Supermarket
This app is ideal to teach your child about the various items they see in the supermarket and also instill good values within them by encouraging them to gather the carts strewn about the parking lot, or recycling. They can play the role of the customer, the cashier or even the forklift operator in the stockroom.

• Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure
This is a wonderful pirate themed app that encourages your child’s creativity. The characters Pirate Scribblebeard, Josephine and Oscar will take them on adventures, complete with scenes and characters created by your child. They prospect of bringing their illustrations to life will have them hooked for hours on end.

• Stack the States
This app aims to teach your child all about the numerous states of our nation through a series of multiple choice questions. They can learn about the various flags, location, capitals, anything.

• Preschool EduKitchen
It gives your child experience of working in the kitchen, without exposing them to the dangerous elements in the real one. In this app they can cook, arrange articles, load the dishwasher, set the table, and even learn about the benefits of healthy eating.

• Math vs. Zombies
This is one of my most favorite apps ever. It uses the concept of a zombie apocalypse, with zombies attacking you from all sides. The only way to get rid of them is by solving the math problems correctly. It isn’t only fun, but also teaches your child to calculate math sums in a swift manner, mentally.

• Little Digits
Little Digits is ideal for those who are just trying to grasp the concept of counting. It uses the multi-touch screen feature of the iPad to teach your child to count with fingers. It detects the number of fingers placed on the screen and will display the number accordingly. If they remove a finger, it will automatically deduct the number, or if you add a finger it will do the same.

The Croods Releases This Week

The CroodsAfter much anticipation, The Croods will finally be released to the public this week, with a date set for March 22. With a star-studded cast and a storyline based presumably around the same time as The Flintstones (or probably a little while later), The Croods had the public waiting with baited breath for the movie, since they first aired a sneak-peek over 5 months ago.

The Croods may initially come off as another coming-of-age movie, with a rebellious daughter, and an over-protective father, but it’s actually much more than just that. It’s about survival, the importance of family, and the need to embrace new things in life.

The movie revolves around the prehistoric family Croods- the burly, cautious father Grug (Nicolas Cage), the doting mother Ugga (Catherine Keener), a slightly dim son Thunk (Clark Duke), a mischievous, growling baby Sandy (Randy Thom), a senile grandmother Gran (Cloris Leachman), and an adventurous daughter Eep (Emma Stone).

In an attempt to protect his family, Grug instills a belief within them that change is bad, to stick to their comfort zone and never stray outside the walls surrounding their cave. However, over time, owing mainly to her age probably, Eep develops a curiosity of the outside world and starts doubting the credibility of her father’s stories, even if it helped save them from extinction till date.

Eventually, her curiosity gets the better of her, and one fine day, she sneaks out of the house at the dead of night. When she ventures out and commences her exploration of the world around, she comes across a young, brave, intelligent cave boy Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and his pet sloth Belt (Chris Sanders), who fascinates her when he creates fire. He later convinces her of his theory that the world may be coming to an end and she should prepare herself for it. However, before she could learn more about him, he scampers off when Grug catches up with her and drags her back home.

Once home, they discover that while they were away, an earthquake had struck, thus destroying their cave. They’re then forced to leave their comfort zone, and embark on a journey across unfamiliar territories…discovering new terrains and coming face-to-face with various never-seen before species of living beings. They’re awe-struck, scared but continue to move forward in an attempt to survive.

Eventually they cross paths with Guy once again, displeasing Grug to no bounds. Guy’s imaginative ways and unique inventions win the trust of his family, encouraging them to go against everything Grug had taught them till date.

What develops is a storyline that’s unique in its own way, where a family is forced to welcome a stranger in their midst to help them get over their fears and endure in a completely new world. It’s colorful, imaginative, humorous, emotional, thrilling…all in all, it promises to be highly entertaining. Here’s hoping that the movie stays true to all that’s been revealed about it till date. One can only know for certain on the 22nd of March.

TLC’s “The Little Couple” adopt a little boy!

TLC’s “The Little Couple” adopt a little boy!The Little Couple has successfully featured unique elements on a reality show. Every television viewer would be astonished by two short people with loftier levels of confidence, Bill Klein & Jennifer Arnold. Undoubtedly, they have it all and never feel that their physical appearance is a hindrance to every little development in life.

Who are they?

Bill Klein is an entrepreneur and Jennifer Arnold is a Child specialist in a hospital at Texas. There have been many episodes that have featured the wonderful couple in a new aura from celebrating Jennifer’s birthday to Bill shifting to Houston. The show also successfully completed 5 seasons with the ending featuring the couple engaging in a meeting to improve the requirements of children.

The latest news

While the couple sincerely feels in every little move that dwarfism hasn’t restricted them from various victories in life. The information that People Magazine got was that the lovable couple has recently adopted a boy child with just 3 years of age. The child is of a Chinese origin as per press information. They have named the adopted child; William. Bill and Jen are overwhelmed by the newcomer and feel that the child is a real healer after a menacing abortion from a surrogate source which conceived their real child.

The couple had constantly been craving for conception and they say that having a child is like the biggest gift to them. We could also see Bill and Jen stating in many instances that they realize the fact that having a child could be difficult because of their physical appearances; may be adopting or trying other ways to do it could solve the issue easily. However, both felt the ruin at the bottom of their hearts.

There is actually yet another piece of news lined up to excite the viewers. TLC is heading to launch the show again, this time along with the newcomer. It might be aired by the end of April possibly on the 30th. Considering life of Bill & Jen after adoption and how the phase progresses would be the main theme of TLC’s sixth set of “The Little Couple” episodes.

Unicorn Apocalypse is on Google Play!

Unicorn Apocalypse is on Google Play!Google Play releases remarkable games and applications which users would just love to grab. While the Google Play store is constantly updating its availability with millions of new versions and updates, people can download what all they want through an Android device.

Google Play Store has the sole credit of having released Rovio’s Angry Birds which has now unveiled the fresh version of Guns N Roses Slash performing the theme song for Angry Birds Space.

It actually doesn’t end there.

With the release of a new game Unicorn Apocalypse the Play store makes it look all the more attractive and this release has undoubtedly struck people with awe.

How was the game created?

  • While we have seen the game in most of the promotions in Samsung’s creations, the imaginary idea is all set to rock the gaming world.
  • Samsung also informed the press that they devised the game by running a competition among millions of open source programmers where their versions should almost resemble the game’s advertisement that Samsung promotes.
  • Finally the game was developed by Liquid Gameworks which was rewarded a cash prize.


  • The Game was seen in Google Play Store which was launched to download without any additional charges.
  • Unicorn Apocalypse is just a new born baby. It hasn’t received much comments and ratings.
  • Many users from nations have come out with problems as the game led to some sort of suspension in between running. The general complaint of the game is that it lets the player jumps from the ceiling and the inbuilt code never lets the unicorn’s life to last longer.
  • However, people continue to be happy with the construction of the innovative venture and believe that the errors would be eliminated at the earliest.
  • The game works amazingly well on higher order Androids of Samsung.
  • Many users have also commented stating that the game is similar to that of Robot Unicorn Attack & Adult Swim’s Ridiculous.
  • The settings that the games posses almost match except for some extras that Unicorn Apocalypse presents. Moreover, there is no necessity to spend any money while downloading unlike the previously mentioned two games.


  • The game would need more than 26 MB of internal storage and might take a while to download depending on the Internet speeds. It will also work from Android’s OS of version number 1.6 and those higher.


More Madness with the Hangover 3

More Madness with the Hangover 3Remember the days when movies rarely found the need to extend into a series of sequels?

Yeah, neither can I.

It seems that nowadays, whether the story calls for it or not, movie makers are intent upon creating one sequel after the other. True, stories like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, or even Star Wars were justified in doing so in order to shed more light upon the plot.

However, one hardly thinks movies like Fast and the Furious, Toy Story (although they were incredible), or even The Hangover, require a continuity of sorts.

The Hangover, after receiving worldwide acclaim for their first movie back in 2009, then went on to release the second part, The Hangover 2, in 2011. Unfortunately, the movie lacked the brilliance of its predecessor and failed to generate an equal hype.

Now, in a possible attempt to prove that it wasn’t a one-time wonder, the creators have now come up with The Hangover 3, which is all set to release on May 24, 2013.

The story is based upon 3 friends, Dr. Stu Price (Ed Helms), who’s a dentist, Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper), a teacher, and Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis), a……actually, no one’s really sure how he makes a living in the movie.

The first part revolved around a bachelor party gone wild, when Phil, Stu and Alan, being the groomsmen, decide to take a road trip to Vegas with the groom Doug (Justin Bartha), to celebrate his last day as a bachelor. In what was meant to be a night to let loose, full of fun and frolic and a lot of alcohol, turns into a complete nightmare the next day.

Hours prior to the wedding, the groomsmen wake up suffering from a terrible hangover, in their hotel room, only to discover a tiger in their bathroom, a baby in their closet, and the mysterious disappearance of the groom. To make matters all the more complicated, the 3 have absolutely no memory of the previous night’s events, and are left trying to piece together the little they discover, in a bid to find Doug and get him in to the altar on time. What ensues is a hilarious series of events, with the movie becoming the 10th highest grossing film of the year.

The Hangover 2 revolves around a similar plot albeit here Stu’s the groom, the tiger is replaced by a capuchin monkey, and Stu’s brother-in-law is the missing person. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t generate a similar reception as the previous, but that didn’t stop the creators from coming up with a third to the series.

The official trailer of The Hangover 3 was released earlier this week, hinting that this may be the very last of the series. This time around, there won’t be a wedding…just plain old debauchery, a couple of deaths, and a gangster or 2 apparently.

Judging from the trailer, the movie seems quite promising. One can’t wait to see if it is any good as the original.

The Latest iPhone and iPad Rumor Roundup

Apple Rumor RoundupEven the big names like Apple are not being spared by the rumor mills. Apple is back in the spotlight yet again. For the past few days we have heard and read enough about the possible launch of the iTV and iWatch by Apple. Adding to the existing rumors, we get to learn that launch of the next generation iPad and the iPhone 5S is on the cards for the company.

Apple is a company that is known to deliver quality products. When rumors about the company preparing to launch a new device hit the media, the expectations among fans and its loyal users runs high. Now that it is anticipated that Apple will launch the next iPad and the iPhone 5S sometime this year, here’s what we can expect.

iPad fans have some good news in store for them. If what rumors say are to be believed, the next generation iPad will be launched this April. However, if you wish to upgrade to the iPhone 5S, you need to wait longer. iPhone 5S is expected to hit the market sometime in August this year. Mind you this piece of information comes from a trusted source.
In one of the most trusted publications a report about the iPhone 5S appeared. Per the publication, iPhone 5S will have the same design as does the iPhone 5. However, we can expect the iPhone 5S to come equipped with a better camera. It is also believed that a superior processor will power this phone. Speculations about the features and specifications are running high about iPhone 5S. However, it is indeed going to be a long wait before iPhone 5S is launched.

If rumors turn out to be real, we can expect the next iPad to be launched the following month. It is expected that iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 will be launched by the company in April. It is believed that iPad Mini 2 will come with Retina Display. Nevertheless, all this information is based on sheer assumptions. We will have to wait for an official statement from the company.

All That We Know About Apple’s iWatch

All That We Know About Apple’s iWatchIf rumors are to be believed the so called iWatch from Apple will be made available sometime this year. Mind you this piece of information comes from one of the most trusted sources. It is also speculated that the iWatch could come packed with a 1.5-inch passive display, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and curved glass; a technology that Apple recently patented. Talking about patents that Apple filed for, it is also believed that the company based in Cupertino has filed for about 79 patents that include the word ‘wrist’.

Another patent that was also filed by Apple revealed more information about the wrist watch that is anticipated to be launched. It is learnt that the iWatch will be more or less like a slap wrap or a slap bracelet. It is also speculated that this device will measure about one inch in width and around 9 inches in length.

There are talks about iWatch also being powered by iOS. However, it is also speculated that this watch can make use of the touch-OS that is used in the iPod Nano. One of the challenges that the company will face is with the battery of iWatch.

Media watchers and highly placed sources share the opinion that Apple can earn more profits by launching the iWatch compared to iTV. This is true considering Apple’s profit margin it sets for every product it sells.. Yet another source also seconds that a luxury product like a watch can earn Apple more profit than a TV set. This comes after taking into consideration the expected amount of revenue that the international watch market is predicted to generate this year. In the year 2013 it is estimated that the global watch market will generate a revenue of around $60 billion. Additionally, it is also learnt that the watch manufacturing industry enjoys a profit margin of about 60 per cent compared to around 10 per cent profit margin that TV manufacturing companies register.

Since the start of 2013 rumors of the iWatch have become more frequent than they used to be. We will have to wait and watch how many such rumors actually materialize. This is something that only time can tell.

How Social Networking Sites (SNS) Helps Business

How Social Networking Sites (SNS) Helps BusinessThese days Social Networking Sites (SNS) have gone beyond just helping people keep in touch with friends, family and the rest of the world. Many large and small business organizations use the various networking websites to increase their business turnover. When smartly used such websites can yield good business results. Here’s a list of ways you can use SNS to improve your business

Create a business profile that is professional and attractive

One of the best ways to make social media work for your business is to create a business page on the networking sites that is professional. Your corporate page must look attractive at the same time. Ensure that it is inviting and it defines the products or services that your business deals with.

Define the purpose of using social media for your business

Social media can become a powerful marketing tool when put to use the right way. It becomes necessary that you clearly define why are using social media. You must identify how you expect social media to help your business. The next step is to work out the ways to achieve your business goals through social media.

Be active on social media

As a business owner it is necessary that you are active on the various social media platforms. Your social media page is frequented more than the official website of your company by many users. This makes it important for you to stay active on the various social media where your business has a presence.

Update information on social media

Creating a business account on social media websites and being an active business user is not enough. It is the responsibility of the business owner to update information on a regular basis on social media.  You can use social media to create awareness about launch of a new product or service.

When used wisely social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube among others can double up as a perfect advertising platform for your business.

Instagram Achieves 100 Million Active Monthly Subscribers

instagram 100 millionCapturing and sharing digital images would not have been easier if not for Instagram. This is a photo sharing website that is owned by Facebook. This online social networking and photo sharing website allows users to do more than just capturing images of digital quality. This website enables you to edit the image that you capture using a range of filters. You can also share the edited images on the various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook with great ease.

Instagram has been in the news for various reasons. First we heard that Facebook has purchased this website for an estimated price of $1 billion. This photo sharing website was in the news for successfully completing two years of operation. Not recently did this website announce that it has achieved yet another milestone.

The company has made official that it has about 100 million active users a month. This announcement was made by one of the Instagram officials on a blog post. This news did receive a mixed reaction among users. There are reports of the growing number of users abandoning this app on one hand. This makes it unclear to conclude the actual number of active users this photo sharing website has.

One of the reasons why users no longer wanted to use this website is because of Instagram’s terms of service. Instagram introduced a policy allowing its users’ photos to be used in advertisement. It is because of this that this website found itself in a lot of trouble. The number of Instagram users suddenly dropped. In order to regain its lost share of users Instagram reverted back to its original terms of service.
Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom in one of his blog post went on to say that this achievement of reaching 100 million active monthly subscribers is an accomplishment not for the company but it is an accomplishment for the society at large.

Last December (2012) Twitter announced that it has about 200 million users. Facebook on the other hand now has a billion active users. We will have to wait and watch when Instagram will reach its next milestone.