“Being Mandela”- Nelson Mandela’s grandchildren on a TV show?


“Being Mandela”- Nelson Mandela’s grandchildren on a TV show?

Yes! He is the man who stood strong to eliminate all the racial discrimination in South Africa. To bring a strong uniformity within people of different races in Africa, Mandela faced several hardships. He was also away from the Media for quite a long time and now he thinks his grandchildren should make their presence on an American TV show.

So, what are they upto? These lovely ladies are planning to couch all information and put it across to viewers worldwide. The new series named “Being Mandela” is 13 shows long and will airs on COZI TV. In addition to that, COZI TV broadcasts a number of famous shows.


On the part of critical acclaim, “Being Mandela” brings into play the questions of preserving the heritage of Africa and the famous man. The 30 year old elegant ladies are definite that they are careful about what they are doing. More than that, they ensure the show will never put down their lovely nativity and affectionate granddad.


Swati Dlamini and Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway are on limelight.They are the celebrity daughters of  Zenani Mandela and Prince Thumbumuzi  Dlamini.

Winnie Mandela, wife of Nelson Mandela, will appear on the TV show to surprise her husband.  She has been into news constantly in the efforts taken by the African Congress to eradicate race distinctions. She was allegedly jailed in the case of killing a sneak.Mandela might be surprised that his wife is making an expected presence on the TV show. He was recently ailing but has recovered from health issues.Many sources have told that Mandela’s granddaughters are really happy to announce that their granddad is doing great and he is on the mindset to enjoy watching their performances on the TV show.

Swati Dlamini on an interview to the reporters announced “You’ll be interested to know that he loves Toddlers and Tiaras”. She meant a series while she gave an interview to the American Audience.She stressed that her grandfather loves Children and spends time in wildlife channels.

“Being Mandela” is all set to rock the American TV.


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