Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr DayThe fact that we have selected and unanimously elected Barack Obama to be the president of this great nation for the second time goes on to show that the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. has been realized. From the days when King fought for basic human rights for the African Americans to the days when an African American has been elected to the highest office of this country, we have come a long way. Before Obama thanks the present citizens of this great nation for looking beyond the color of his skin, his ethnicity or the roots of his origin, he should first thank Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr., a name and a cause that has travelled beyond the boundaries of America, was born on January 15, 1929 in Georgia. He was a Baptist minister and also a civil rights activist. His life was nothing different from the other boys’, but inside him was a burning vision which was fanned into flames by the oppression and rejection of African Americans. What started as a mere desire to liberate them developed into a mass upheaval and birthed as the liberty that he dreamed of and strived for. Since his victory, America has greatly benefited from people of his kind, the kind which has a generous spirit and the vision to empower the nation and emancipate it from the clutches of racism.

There are various events organized in memory of the great visionary who never deviated from his vision. You can see silent marches, prayers offered in churches, orators rekindling the fire by recalling the famous quotes of King, and public meetings which aim at tracing out the path his vision has traveled through. King’s bible is traveling to partner Lincoln’s bible at the National Mall where the swearing-in ceremony will take place. While this is not the best that can be done to honor the prince of liberty, we are looking forward to another speech from Obama and the reassurance that he will finish what King started.

It is true that naming high-rise buildings and social service organizations after King is not the path to success. There is much more to it than this that the whole nation has to do. This is the day for us to remember that this mission is not a one-man job and that it can be carried out only by togetherness and love for fellow citizens. On this day, let us swear that we will stand together against all odds that come our way and be relentless in the journey to the destination which was envisioned by King and commissioned by our adorable president.

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