Complete Roundup of the CES 2013 Event

Roundup of the CES 2013 EventA slew of gadgets and smart devices were unveiled at the CES 2013. The big names in the smartphone industry did not show up and so the mid-players were the best performers. It seems that the giants are saving up their new phones for the Mobile World Congress in February. This came as a disappointment because we’ve been waiting for them to see the show off of the new smartphones. However, it was not a complete disappointment as there was a bunch of surprises from the mid-players. There were some cool smartphones proving that 2013 is going to be more interesting. The notable ones are Sony’s Xperia Z and ZL, ZTE Grand S, Samsung Youm, and Lenovo K900.

I would not say these were marvelous, but there was something unique in each of these phones. For instance, Xperia Z could go with you to the shower as it can stay up to 3 feet under water for 30 minutes without getting affected; Samsung Youm has a bendable display and is an example of what’s yet to come in the near future; and so on. One thing that is apparent is that smartphones are getting bigger. Should we buy shirts with bigger pockets? There’s nothing big to talk about the smartphone arena and so we are packing our bags to head to Barcelona to see the big performers at the Mobile World Congress.

The chip makers have indeed done a wonderful job. You will see many smartphone makers kissing goodbye to quad-core chips and welcoming eight core chips. The eight cores are divided into two groups with four cores each and these groups will have different capacities. Samsung’s Exynos 5 has eight cores including four cores with 1.8GHz and the other set with 1.2GHz cores. Qualcomm and NVIDIA have also come up with the Snapdragon 800 & 600 and Tegra 4 chips respectively. There were other cool gadgets and as usual, a long list of cheap gadgets which looked amusing. Google is making its way to kitchens by releasing OS for rice cookers and fridges giving us a sure sign that all our gadgets are going to become smarter in 2013.

You will not want to miss out on the smart wearables that are revolutionizing lately. The latest of them are smart watches and smart goggles. You might say that there’s nothing new about these as Samsung and Google are already doing it. However, the Pebble watch has already caught on because it looks cool and is smarter than most Kickstarter products have been. We could also catch a glimpse of the evolution brewing in the optics front. iOptik is a cool smart lens which can project images and display turn by turn directions and landmarks on the maps. Most of the gadgets scored high this year and the better ones are yet to come.

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