Entertain and Educate Your Kid With This Week’s Apps

Entertain and Educate Your Kid With This Week’s AppsYou’re having people over for dinner and have yet to get around to tidying up the house and finishing up with the cooking, before they do. You have to get a move on, but your kid has taken it upon himself to complicate matters all the more by wrecking havoc all over the house. You can’t keep chasing him around and begging him for mercy, nor do you want to be the kind of parent who plants them in front of the television set so as to keep them entertained. If only there were a more healthy way out where you could keep them entertained while broadening their horizon.

That’s where apps come to the rescue. With the numerous apps in the market to help educate your child, one can now be assured of keeping them occupied without worrying about negative repercussions of any sort.

• Dr. Panda’s Supermarket
This app is ideal to teach your child about the various items they see in the supermarket and also instill good values within them by encouraging them to gather the carts strewn about the parking lot, or recycling. They can play the role of the customer, the cashier or even the forklift operator in the stockroom.

• Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure
This is a wonderful pirate themed app that encourages your child’s creativity. The characters Pirate Scribblebeard, Josephine and Oscar will take them on adventures, complete with scenes and characters created by your child. They prospect of bringing their illustrations to life will have them hooked for hours on end.

• Stack the States
This app aims to teach your child all about the numerous states of our nation through a series of multiple choice questions. They can learn about the various flags, location, capitals, anything.

• Preschool EduKitchen
It gives your child experience of working in the kitchen, without exposing them to the dangerous elements in the real one. In this app they can cook, arrange articles, load the dishwasher, set the table, and even learn about the benefits of healthy eating.

• Math vs. Zombies
This is one of my most favorite apps ever. It uses the concept of a zombie apocalypse, with zombies attacking you from all sides. The only way to get rid of them is by solving the math problems correctly. It isn’t only fun, but also teaches your child to calculate math sums in a swift manner, mentally.

• Little Digits
Little Digits is ideal for those who are just trying to grasp the concept of counting. It uses the multi-touch screen feature of the iPad to teach your child to count with fingers. It detects the number of fingers placed on the screen and will display the number accordingly. If they remove a finger, it will automatically deduct the number, or if you add a finger it will do the same.

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