Evil Dead Will Leave You Sleepless For Days

Evil Dead Will Leave You Sleepless For DaysIt’s been a while since Hollywood has managed to muster up a horror flick that actually did more than try to sneak up on us and make us jump out of our skin every now and then. It isn’t just about the creepy factor, the brutality, or the plot as a whole. Evil Dead is like Saw but with an actual horror aspect and not just a lot of gore.

Evil Dead is a remake of the 80’s Evil Dead franchise but with a slight twist in the plot. Unlike most remakes, the creators of the movie have ensured to not simply give the audience the exact same plot that’s enhanced with extra effects that the advancements in technology allow nowadays. The story in itself has been modified slightly to cater to the current audience. One obvious change would be the absence of the character Ash (Bruce Campbell) who was a prominent figure in the 80’s franchise.

This time the movie once again revolves around 5 friends heading off to an isolated cabin but not to spend their vacation there like the initial installment. In the new movie, they’re headed there to help the protagonist Mia (Jane Levy) kick a drug habit. Her support group comprises of her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) and a couple of her friends. Together the 5 head to her family cabin located (of course) in the woods, completely away from civilization making it less likely for anyone to hear their screams of terror.

Eventually one of them comes across the Book of the Dead that’s conveniently wrapped up in barbed wire. The group, like every other curious 20-something year olds become intrigued with the book, that’s actually used for summoning up demons lurking in the woods. Needless to say, the 5 are then left fighting for survival against a horde of barbaric demons that possess and turn them against each other. Eventually (Spoiler Alert!) only one person is left intact. Maybe, the barbed wire should’ve given them a hint to not tamper in stuff that’s not theirs…and looks quite creepy.

Now when I say barbaric demons, I’m simply downplaying the extent of their cruelty although one may wonder who’s more violent…the demons or the sane human beings who stop at nothing when it comes to the fight for survival. The movie is definitely not one for the fainthearted, as it involves a lot and a lot of gore. You have the blood, creepy woods, chain saws, blood, mutilations, psychopathic behavior, bone-chilling smiles, blood, sinister voices, and…did I mention the blood? In other words, it has all the makings of a movie that’s bound to have movie goers balled up in terror.

Evil Dead may be director Sam Raimi’s baby as he made the initial franchise. However, debut film maker Fede Alvarez seems to have taken the movie up a couple of notches with his own little twists. One will be able to see for themselves when the movie comes out on the silver screen this Friday, the 5Th of April…Although you may need to first prepare yourself for days of sleepless nights. Evil Dead is bound to haunt you in your sleep for a while after.

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