Google Nexus’ Wireless Charger Arrives

Nexus OrbGoogle’s Nexus 4 smartphone was one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year 2012, alongside the iPhone 5. Released just a month after the launch of the iPhone 5, the smartphone from LG and Google liaison manage to draw much of an anticipation and excitement from all over. Apart from the Android Jelly Bean version 4.2 that comes preloaded with the smartphone, the other feature that was mainly looked forward to from this device was the wireless charger accessory. The company however did not spill out any information regarding the wireless charger, and exactly after 5 months of its unveil the charger has finally hit the stores. Read on to learn more.

The Nexus Orb:

The wireless charger accessory for the Nexus 4 device officially went for sale on Monday, February 11, 2013 on Google’s Play Store. The device is priced at around $60 and is as of now available in the US. Appearance wise, the device looks appealing like one of those elements from the Star Trek franchise. To exactly describe how it looks, imagine the Nexus Q and slice it across tangentially and you’ll have the Orb. It is designed in way to hold the phone at an angle and uses magnetic field to retain the device towards itself. The charger is given a soft-touch plastic finish to avoid scratches and any form of visible marks on the device’s glass bearing rear end. Overall, the device that seems to draw an inspiration from Touchstone’s model of wireless charger looks stylish.

The Orb, officially known as the Nexus 4 wireless charger, works on the Qi principle of inductive charging! In simple words, the device, both the smartphone and the charger comprise of magnetic coils that allow electric charges to wirelessly travel between the dock and the smartphone. Reports claim that the charger is capable of charging a phone from zero to full within 4 hours. Since, the accessory is built according to Qi standards, Orb can be used along with Qi ready phones like HTC, Nokia and other Windows Phone 8 devices. So what say, the $60 price cap isn’t too expensive for its versatility right?

Finally, the charger has hit the stores and I’m sure people who are always on the move and those who use plenty number of apps and features of the phone will find this device pretty useful. What do you think?

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