Hollywood Valentine’s Day Awards!

KimKanyeWell, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we’ve decided to give awards to some of the celebrity couples:

The weirdest couple:

J Lo and Casper Smart! They made their relationship public in 2012. Smart is eighteen years younger to her. I am not being a fundamentalist here but J Lo’s boyfriend looks like her poodle whenever they are seen together. I see a break-up in the near future!

The well-dressed couple:

Jay-Z and Beyonce! Whether casual, cool or chic the duo know just what to wear to complement each other. Many think Jay-Z doesn’t have style, but fashion is not about designer labels and latest trends. Jay exudes effortless cool in whatever he wears. Beyonce’s style is flashier than her husband’s. But, that’s why it works. Whether casual, cool or chic the duo always complements each other.

The cute couple:

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck! Both of them look endearing when they are together. With a successful 7-year marriage and three kids, they are still very much in love with each other. With their next-door looks, they definitely bag the cute couple award!

The best-looking couple:

It goes to our President and the First lady. They are envied for the successful marriage they are having till date. Both of them complement each other in every way. They look so good together and she is definitely the pillar of his success!

The hottest couple:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! Women moon over him and Men dream about her. He is considered one of world’s sexiest men and she is considered one of world’s sexiest women. They definitely get the best couple award.

The most ideal couple:

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson! Married since 1988, they make others want to take the plunge. A long-term commitment takes a lot of love and team work. The couple has both! They manage to keep their private life private and still seem to be very much in love!

The most promising couple:

Kim and Kanye! I surprised myself by giving the award to this duo! If not marriage, they are tied together for life with the baby that will be born in July. Just when people began thinking that the couple is going to split, they popped their baby surprise!

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