Instagram Achieves 100 Million Active Monthly Subscribers

instagram 100 millionCapturing and sharing digital images would not have been easier if not for Instagram. This is a photo sharing website that is owned by Facebook. This online social networking and photo sharing website allows users to do more than just capturing images of digital quality. This website enables you to edit the image that you capture using a range of filters. You can also share the edited images on the various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook with great ease.

Instagram has been in the news for various reasons. First we heard that Facebook has purchased this website for an estimated price of $1 billion. This photo sharing website was in the news for successfully completing two years of operation. Not recently did this website announce that it has achieved yet another milestone.

The company has made official that it has about 100 million active users a month. This announcement was made by one of the Instagram officials on a blog post. This news did receive a mixed reaction among users. There are reports of the growing number of users abandoning this app on one hand. This makes it unclear to conclude the actual number of active users this photo sharing website has.

One of the reasons why users no longer wanted to use this website is because of Instagram’s terms of service. Instagram introduced a policy allowing its users’ photos to be used in advertisement. It is because of this that this website found itself in a lot of trouble. The number of Instagram users suddenly dropped. In order to regain its lost share of users Instagram reverted back to its original terms of service.
Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom in one of his blog post went on to say that this achievement of reaching 100 million active monthly subscribers is an accomplishment not for the company but it is an accomplishment for the society at large.

Last December (2012) Twitter announced that it has about 200 million users. Facebook on the other hand now has a billion active users. We will have to wait and watch when Instagram will reach its next milestone.

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