iPhoneography from Houston Center for Photography

iPhoneography Like any form of art, photography is subjective and so is creative talent. What some consider a piece of art can be loathed and despised by others. That is exactly what is happening at the Huston Center for Photography.

With the popularity of smartphones with cameras, advancements in digital imaging and sharing technology, photography has become the new found hobby for a lot of people. Since everything is automated, people don’t have to worry about or learn the operations of a camera to click pictures. The Huston Center for Photography has offered a course for photographing using the iPhone called ‘iPhoneography’.

When the lead instructor of the Huston Center for Photography was on a trip to Tivoli in Italy, a few years ago, she shot some pictures using her mobile phone. This, for some strange reason has motivated her to offer a free course for photographing using the iPhone. The course is to be a part of the ‘Museum Experience’ event and it is believed that a more in-depth, three day course will be offered by the end of this month.

The iPhoneography course has stirred a lot of controversy among the photographers and some believe that images tweaked and crafted using digital tools shouldn’t be considered as art. They say that most people who casually shoot don’t bother to learn about the zone systems, metering, exposure or even aperture and shutter speeds. Critics also say that the use of automated technology will hinder people from using their creative talent. When a group of people shoot a particular subject on an automated mode, the resulting images will be identical. So it is true when critics say that it will never allow people to explore new territories. Moreover, learning ‘photography theory’ and using a manual camera allows people to learn about the various factors that affect the exposure of a shot. Once people understand this, they can move to automated cameras and make the best out of it.

On the other hand, supporters of the course say that it is not the tool but the message which is important. They have also compared the use of darkroom to image editing applications like Photoshop to support their claims. Now, we will have to wait and see if the iPhoneography will really change the way people shoot photographs.

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