It’s Raining OS Updates

OS updatesIf you’ve believe that the rivalry between tech manufacturers and developers are restricted to gadget unveilings alone, you’re wrong! There seems to be a spirit of competition confining to OS updates as well. Yes, two of the most dominant smartphone providers, Apple and Google, have released an updated version of their OSes respectively, with an aim to fix some prevailing bugs and errors. Read on to learn more.


Apple on Monday, February 11, 2013 released its 6.1.1 version of the iOS for iPhone 4s devices. The update was rolled out with a view to fix errors on connectivity and to increase the phone’s overall reliability. Amidst the process, Vodafone had reportedly asked its users to halt from proceeding with their updates and stated that some users may experience a few glitches when trying to connect to the internet or make some calls or text. It further stated that Apple had been looking into this to come up with a resolution and asked its users to update their devices once the issue has been completely resolved. This update follows the 6.1 version that was rolled out to boost the devices’ support towards global LTE carriers. The update versioned iOS 6.1.1 is sized at around 87MB.


Similarly, Google released its Android 4.2.2 version as an update to the Nexus users. Reports claim that the update will be first available to the users of Nexus devices and will be pushed to the other users through carriers in the coming days. The update sees no major revamps or modifications in user interface, but carries significant fixes and patches for some errors. For instance, the update fixes the issue users encountered when streaming audio over their Bluetooth devices and adds features like the inclusion of new notification sounds for wireless charging and the device’s draining battery life. The device, after the update will also provide information on the elapse time during app downloads. Google claims that the update will improve the gadget’s overall performance and stability.

So the updates are here and both the company’s seem to be going neck-to-neck. And for those running Windows Phone8, don’t get dejected. Who knows, there may be an update coming for you as well!

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