More Madness with the Hangover 3

More Madness with the Hangover 3Remember the days when movies rarely found the need to extend into a series of sequels?

Yeah, neither can I.

It seems that nowadays, whether the story calls for it or not, movie makers are intent upon creating one sequel after the other. True, stories like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, or even Star Wars were justified in doing so in order to shed more light upon the plot.

However, one hardly thinks movies like Fast and the Furious, Toy Story (although they were incredible), or even The Hangover, require a continuity of sorts.

The Hangover, after receiving worldwide acclaim for their first movie back in 2009, then went on to release the second part, The Hangover 2, in 2011. Unfortunately, the movie lacked the brilliance of its predecessor and failed to generate an equal hype.

Now, in a possible attempt to prove that it wasn’t a one-time wonder, the creators have now come up with The Hangover 3, which is all set to release on May 24, 2013.

The story is based upon 3 friends, Dr. Stu Price (Ed Helms), who’s a dentist, Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper), a teacher, and Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis), a……actually, no one’s really sure how he makes a living in the movie.

The first part revolved around a bachelor party gone wild, when Phil, Stu and Alan, being the groomsmen, decide to take a road trip to Vegas with the groom Doug (Justin Bartha), to celebrate his last day as a bachelor. In what was meant to be a night to let loose, full of fun and frolic and a lot of alcohol, turns into a complete nightmare the next day.

Hours prior to the wedding, the groomsmen wake up suffering from a terrible hangover, in their hotel room, only to discover a tiger in their bathroom, a baby in their closet, and the mysterious disappearance of the groom. To make matters all the more complicated, the 3 have absolutely no memory of the previous night’s events, and are left trying to piece together the little they discover, in a bid to find Doug and get him in to the altar on time. What ensues is a hilarious series of events, with the movie becoming the 10th highest grossing film of the year.

The Hangover 2 revolves around a similar plot albeit here Stu’s the groom, the tiger is replaced by a capuchin monkey, and Stu’s brother-in-law is the missing person. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t generate a similar reception as the previous, but that didn’t stop the creators from coming up with a third to the series.

The official trailer of The Hangover 3 was released earlier this week, hinting that this may be the very last of the series. This time around, there won’t be a wedding…just plain old debauchery, a couple of deaths, and a gangster or 2 apparently.

Judging from the trailer, the movie seems quite promising. One can’t wait to see if it is any good as the original.

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