NYC Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable offers widest selection and best quality of channels making it one of the leading providers in the United States. The sound quality and the breathtaking images are sure to take you by surprise. Take the TV entertainment to a whole new level with the sports, movies, news and music channels, which NYC Time Warner Cable delivers in unmatched quality.

TV Plans
Are you looking for more entertainment every time you turn on the television? If yes, Time Warner Cable offers two types of cable packages, which can be chosen per your convenience.

Digital TV

  • You get over 200+ channels
  • Gain access to numerous HD channel choices
  • Watch your favorite local channels in HD quality
  • Listen to soothing music with 40+ music channels
  • Gain anytime access to over 15,000 On Demand titles while most titles come at no additional cost
  • Enjoy some of the additional perks like Start Over® and Look Back®

DTV Espanol

  • Enjoy over 200+ channels including English and Spanish
  • HD channels are included and local channels can also be watched in HD
  • Gain access to all types of music with the 40+ Music Choice channels
  • Access the 15,000 On Demand titles
  • Get benefitted with extras like Look Back® and Start Over®

Take a look at some of the thrilling features that you get with Time Warner Cable® TV:

You can turn any room in your house into a living room and any screen into a TV screen using this app. You can watch live TV and also about 4000 On Demand programs on smartphone, computer or tablet. You can also connect to the Roku device and stream around 300 channels of live television.

  • This app can be downloaded for handheld devices like tablets and smartphone
  • You can scroll through the live TV guide to look for programs and also to quickly locate your favorite shows. Using the Search option, you can instantly locate channels
  • TWC TV comes built-in with the remote control and so the iPad, iPhone and Android gadgets can be used to switch channels on your television
  • You can also manage the DVR and schedule, cancel or view upcoming recordings using this app. The DVR recording options can also be optimized

Look Back®
You can watch Primetime shows up to 72 hours after they went on air. This lovely feature comes handy when you work late, have a busy calendar or travel.

  • Just by pressing the ‘Select’ button on your remote control, you can access the Look Back enabled programs
  • You can watch about 350+ programs from a dozen channels each month
  • This feature comes with any Time Warner Cable digital TV plan

The Time Warner Cable services in your area have plenty of other features, to turn your entertainment into a delightful experience. So, to learn more about the deals in your locality contact us immediately at the number that appears on this page.