Talent and the Tiaras- An Insider Look at the Miss America Pageant

Miss America 2013‘Miss America is all about talent, style, beauty and personality’, you’ve heard this a million times by now. And it is true to an extent, even though these four words don’t sum up the Miss America contest completely. Winning or at least participating in the Miss America contest or any beauty contest for that matter calls for hard work, dedication, and loads of patience. Ask any pageant contestant and they’ll vouch for that.

Miss America 2013 is the 92nd year this prestigious pageant is being held. Miss America 2012 will crown this year’s winner. 2013 has seen 53 contestants vying for the crown. The contestants are judged based on their performance in 5 rounds. The first round is a personal interview round where the contestants are judged on their politeness, confidence and their ability to articulate. The next round is perhaps the most important and most awaited rounds of the contest – the talent round. The next rounds are the Lifestyle and Fitness round, Evening Wear and finally the Onstage Question round.

Miss America Pageant 2013 has seen some great looking, immensely talented girls sashaying down the catwalk in their designer costumes. The winners of the preliminary round on the first night were Miss Carolina Ali Rogers for the ‘Lifestyle and Fitness’ round, and Miss Oklahoma Alicia Clifton for the ‘Talent’ round. The winners of the second preliminary round were Miss Illinois Megan Ervin for the ‘Lifestyle and Fitness’ round while Miss Maryland Joanna Guy won the ‘Talent’ round. We have to stay tuned to our television sets for tonight’s Miss America Pageant to see who’s inching closer to the tiara.

We’ve seen the ‘Ooohs’, the ‘Ahhhhs’ and the typical hands on the cheeks, dazed expression on most Miss America winners once their name is announced as the winner of the contest. Now, let’s see who’s head this year’s tiara will adorn and who’s going to smile through their tears, wave at the waiting photographers and gives us that ‘Oh I can’t believe’ expression.

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