The Croods Releases This Week

The CroodsAfter much anticipation, The Croods will finally be released to the public this week, with a date set for March 22. With a star-studded cast and a storyline based presumably around the same time as The Flintstones (or probably a little while later), The Croods had the public waiting with baited breath for the movie, since they first aired a sneak-peek over 5 months ago.

The Croods may initially come off as another coming-of-age movie, with a rebellious daughter, and an over-protective father, but it’s actually much more than just that. It’s about survival, the importance of family, and the need to embrace new things in life.

The movie revolves around the prehistoric family Croods- the burly, cautious father Grug (Nicolas Cage), the doting mother Ugga (Catherine Keener), a slightly dim son Thunk (Clark Duke), a mischievous, growling baby Sandy (Randy Thom), a senile grandmother Gran (Cloris Leachman), and an adventurous daughter Eep (Emma Stone).

In an attempt to protect his family, Grug instills a belief within them that change is bad, to stick to their comfort zone and never stray outside the walls surrounding their cave. However, over time, owing mainly to her age probably, Eep develops a curiosity of the outside world and starts doubting the credibility of her father’s stories, even if it helped save them from extinction till date.

Eventually, her curiosity gets the better of her, and one fine day, she sneaks out of the house at the dead of night. When she ventures out and commences her exploration of the world around, she comes across a young, brave, intelligent cave boy Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and his pet sloth Belt (Chris Sanders), who fascinates her when he creates fire. He later convinces her of his theory that the world may be coming to an end and she should prepare herself for it. However, before she could learn more about him, he scampers off when Grug catches up with her and drags her back home.

Once home, they discover that while they were away, an earthquake had struck, thus destroying their cave. They’re then forced to leave their comfort zone, and embark on a journey across unfamiliar territories…discovering new terrains and coming face-to-face with various never-seen before species of living beings. They’re awe-struck, scared but continue to move forward in an attempt to survive.

Eventually they cross paths with Guy once again, displeasing Grug to no bounds. Guy’s imaginative ways and unique inventions win the trust of his family, encouraging them to go against everything Grug had taught them till date.

What develops is a storyline that’s unique in its own way, where a family is forced to welcome a stranger in their midst to help them get over their fears and endure in a completely new world. It’s colorful, imaginative, humorous, emotional, thrilling…all in all, it promises to be highly entertaining. Here’s hoping that the movie stays true to all that’s been revealed about it till date. One can only know for certain on the 22nd of March.

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