The Latest iPhone and iPad Rumor Roundup

Apple Rumor RoundupEven the big names like Apple are not being spared by the rumor mills. Apple is back in the spotlight yet again. For the past few days we have heard and read enough about the possible launch of the iTV and iWatch by Apple. Adding to the existing rumors, we get to learn that launch of the next generation iPad and the iPhone 5S is on the cards for the company.

Apple is a company that is known to deliver quality products. When rumors about the company preparing to launch a new device hit the media, the expectations among fans and its loyal users runs high. Now that it is anticipated that Apple will launch the next iPad and the iPhone 5S sometime this year, here’s what we can expect.

iPad fans have some good news in store for them. If what rumors say are to be believed, the next generation iPad will be launched this April. However, if you wish to upgrade to the iPhone 5S, you need to wait longer. iPhone 5S is expected to hit the market sometime in August this year. Mind you this piece of information comes from a trusted source.
In one of the most trusted publications a report about the iPhone 5S appeared. Per the publication, iPhone 5S will have the same design as does the iPhone 5. However, we can expect the iPhone 5S to come equipped with a better camera. It is also believed that a superior processor will power this phone. Speculations about the features and specifications are running high about iPhone 5S. However, it is indeed going to be a long wait before iPhone 5S is launched.

If rumors turn out to be real, we can expect the next iPad to be launched the following month. It is expected that iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 will be launched by the company in April. It is believed that iPad Mini 2 will come with Retina Display. Nevertheless, all this information is based on sheer assumptions. We will have to wait for an official statement from the company.

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