time warner cable in nyc

Cable TV systems were first introduced during the 1940s. It revolutionized the way Americans watched TV. Time Warner Cable in NYC developed over the years and is now one of the largest providers in America. TWC offers the most up-to-date technology, feature-rich home entertainment and advanced services. Today, TWC offers video, high-speed data and phone service to more than 15 million households across the US. Here are the key features of the three services provided by TWC:

Digital TV from tw cable nyc:

  • Time Warner Cable® TV offers an HD connection in the most optimum picture and sound quality.
  • Provides the widest selection of channels.
  • There are over 220 digital channels available.
  • More than 10,000 movies, music and sitcom titles are available On Demand. It provides non-stop entertainment for the customer.
  • New titles are added to On Demand every month.
  • Cable service in nyc provides DVR service enables a customer to record, pause and rewind any TV show.
  • One cane store hours of content in the DVR.
  • Watch TV on tablet, computer, smartphone and program the DVR using the TWC TV™ app.
  • Browse through the TV guide to find favorite shows.
  • Convert smartphone or tablet to a remote control.
  • Watch a missed show up to 3 days after it aired using the Look Back® feature.
  • Never miss the opening of a show using the Start Over® feature.

Internet in timewarnercable nyc:

  • Fast internet access with internet speeds up to 50 Mbps.
  • Chat with friends, play games, stream videos and download heavy files in no time.
  • Reliable wireless internet connection for multiple devices.
  • Access internet across thousands TWC WiFi™ hotspots available across the country.
  • Access to over 100,000 partner hotspots as well.
  • Get to use the phone’s data usage by using the WiFi hotspots instead of going with the cell provider’s data plan.
  • Free WiFi Finder app to find the nearest hotspot easily.
  • Free McAfee® AntiVirus with an internet plan. It provides protection against any internet Trojans.
  • Parental Controls to monitor kids’ internet activities.

Phone in time warner cable nyc:

  • Call anyone, anytime, anywhere across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico using the TWC Digital Phone.
  • Calling packages include unlimited calling across the nation.
  • Provides a wide range of calling features. It includes Anonymous Call Rejection, 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting ID, etc.
  • It provides options to have the Caller ID appear on the TV and PC screen.

Each service is provided in packages. One can choose a package according to his requirements and budget. A customer has the option to bundle two or all three services. Times warner cable bundles are cost-effective and reduce the hassle that comes with getting connections from different providers. If a customer wants to learn more about the various packages provided in his neighborhood, he can call the toll-free number mentioned above.