time warner cable NEW YORK

Living in a city that many only could dream about has its benefits. Being one of the best cities in the world deserves the best of everything including home services. New York is known for its fashion and bustle. However, the back-bone of the city is the household service sector. The efficient and technologically advanced home services help in the smooth running of many homes. The Internet, TV and phone are mandatory additions to any home. They help connect with people and have paved way to smoother living. Though there are many service providers, Time Warner Cable NEW YORK is one of the few offering both quality and features.

Why choose TWC over other providers? Here are the reasons:

Time Warner Cable® TV:

TWC offers one of the best TV services. The HD connection offered is life-like and people will have the feeling of being in the midst of all the action. They offer the most High Definition channels in crystal-clear picture quality and sharp acoustics. They have various deals that range from entertainment packages to kids packages. Here are a few key features available with the TV service:

  • Start Over®:

A customer doesn’t have to rush from work or finish their scheduled chores to catch up the opening of their favorite show. Using Start Over®, they can leisurely finish all their work and the show will be waiting for them.

  • Look Back®:

Missing a show is out-of-option with Look Back®. People can rewind shows that were aired three days back. They can catch up on anything they missed with just a click of their remote.

  • On Demand:

TWC customers get to enjoy around-the-clock entertainment with the On Demand service offered. There are more than 10,000 titles available every month. The list includes HD titles and the number is consistently increasing every month.

  • DVR:

The service offers various features which give customers the choice to record any TV show including movies and sports. People can record two shows simultaneously and watch them at a convenient time. With the DVR service, TV entertainment gets more flexible.


Time Warner Cable® Internet:

TWC offers high speeds for a smooth online experience. From basic browsing to heavy gaming, the internet speeds offered will match any requirement. Customers can subscribe to PowerBoost® for a minimum monthly rental and boost their internet speed. TWC offers CNN News, Pass SM and up to 20 videos every day. They also offer Audible®, a leading provider of online spoken entertainment. Time Warner Cable offers free anti-virus packages with most of their packages. It includes Firewall, anti-virus, parental controls, etc.

Time Warner Cable® Phone:

The phone service offered by Time Warner Cable is the easiest and economical way to keep in touch with friends and family. It has popular calling features like Call Waiting ID, Anonymous Call Rejection, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, etc. A customer can bundle the TV and phone connection to see who’s calling on the TV screen.

All three services are available in different packages and bundles. A customer can choose the best package depending on his need and budget. To learn more about the various, a person can call the toll-free number listed on this website.