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The most populated city, New York, is teeming with more than 790,000 companies functioning in it. Every year, millions of people visit the city. There are numerous ways to stay entertained in New York. While there is good fun waiting for you outdoors, there are also excellent ways of indoor entertainment in New York. Time Warner Cable NY makes it easier and affordable for you to keep yourself entertained indoors.

TV Plans

There are various TV plans offering you a customized list of channels.

  • The most popular Digital TV plan brings to you more than 200 channels, widening the scope of your TV entertainment.
  • If you want to watch Spanish channels, you can subscribe to DTV ESpanol to receive more than 200 channels including plenty of Spanish channels.
  • The Basic TV with Chinese package brings you a precise list of 20+ channels including Chinese channels
  • You can also get Hindi channels with the Basic TV with Hindi package.



TV watching doesn’t have to happen only at home anymore. You can now watch your favorite TV programs on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. It is also possible for you to search TV listings and program your DVR when you are outdoors. You get to watch about 300 channels on your mobile devices, if you subscribe to TWC TV. Moreover, you can use your iDevice or Android device as the remote control for your home TV.

Time Warner Cable® Internet – Features and Perks

TWC WiFi™ Hotspots: If you are often on the go and need to check email or need to go online, you can use TWC WiFi™ hotspots to connect your mobile devices to the Internet. There are about 60,000 TWC owned and partner operated hotspots across the nation to help you stay connected always.

Home WiFi: If you have multiple devices to be connected, you can use Time Warner Cable’s Home WiFi. It lets you connect multiple devices over a single connection.

Parental Security: The McAfee Family Protection that comes as a part of your Time Warner Cable Internet package lets you configure your PC settings such that your kids are not exposed to age-inappropriate content.

Time Warner Cable Phone

You can stay in touch with your loved ones without spending much if you subscribe to TWC phone plans. The customized plans give you value for money and numerous perks. You can make unlimited calls nationwide for free. It includes the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico. Affordable plans for international calling are also available.

Caller ID on TV: You can see who’s calling you on the TV screen and decide if you want to get up from the couch to answer the call.

VoiceZone™: You can check your voicemails and change the settings of your phone on Time Warner Cable’s website.

You can also bundle different plans to make the most of these services. Call the number listed on this website today, to sign up for affordable deals.