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Time Warner Cable, the American cable service provider offers TV, Internet and Phone connections, which is the basic necessity of every household. Over the years, the advancements in technology have been rightly used by the company, to deliver the best to its customers. They have different packages tailored to meet the needs of various sectors of people, which come at affordable rates. From TV with unlimited HD choices to Internet with blazing speeds and Home Phone Service with unlimited calling, all your entertainment needs are covered in one package. Let’s take a detailed look at each connection:

Time Warner Cable® TV

TWC offers packages with digital and HD channels included. The popular packages come with about 200+ channels including the local channels and HD. Packages can be chosen based on your TV viewing preferences. From sports, family, movies, local, music to children channel, they have numerous choices to keep you entertained at all times. TWC TV comes with some unique features like:

  • Look Back®

Did you go out for a short trip? Your favorite destination would have rejuvenated your mind and body, but you would have missed watching some of your favorite shows. Do you like to peek into it? This feature assists you to go back in time up to 72 hours and view the programs. If you have a busy calendar, work late or if you forgot to set your DVR, Look Back® is always there for you.

  • Start Over®

Did you miss watching the beginning of a movie or a show in progress on TV? With this feature you can start watching the show from the beginning. Start Over® also acts as a bookmark. You can change the channel while watching one and then resume back to start watching the show from where you left off, provided the show is still on air.

Time Warner Cable® Internet

You might be a light surfer or an intense user of the Internet, but with TWC you will find a package per your requirement. Online shopping, banking, streaming movies and videos, sending mails, playing games and several other online activities can be performed within fractions of a second. You will never face any interruptions in the internet connection, which is a blessing for multi-taskers. With TWC Internet you are entitled to get:

  • Numerous email accounts
  • Sufficient storage space
  • McAfee® Anti-virus internet security suite
  • Parental Controls
  • Home Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi™ Hotspots
  • Rhapsody RadioPLUS

Time Warner Cable internet packages include Standard Internet, Turbo Internet, Extreme Internet and Ultimate Internet, which come with different speeds.

Time Warner Cable® Phone

Stay in touch with your friends or loved ones across the country at economical rates. You can also customize the package to make calls to countries all over the world. Some of the features that are offered are:

  • VoiceZone™

Have you forgotten your phone at home? With this feature you can view your phone messages from any phone, online or via email. Simply add Voicemail with VoiceZone™ and access your phone messages anytime. This feature can be subscribed to any calling plan for a meager fee.

  • Unlimited Calling

Call anyone anytime across the country and also to places like Canada and Puerto Rico at no additional cost.

  • Calling Features

All the phone packages include the popular calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Rejection, etc.

Bundle all three services together with Time Warner Cable and enjoy a hassle-free connection. To learn more about the offers in your area call us at the toll-free number that appears on this page.

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