TLC’s “The Little Couple” adopt a little boy!

TLC’s “The Little Couple” adopt a little boy!The Little Couple has successfully featured unique elements on a reality show. Every television viewer would be astonished by two short people with loftier levels of confidence, Bill Klein & Jennifer Arnold. Undoubtedly, they have it all and never feel that their physical appearance is a hindrance to every little development in life.

Who are they?

Bill Klein is an entrepreneur and Jennifer Arnold is a Child specialist in a hospital at Texas. There have been many episodes that have featured the wonderful couple in a new aura from celebrating Jennifer’s birthday to Bill shifting to Houston. The show also successfully completed 5 seasons with the ending featuring the couple engaging in a meeting to improve the requirements of children.

The latest news

While the couple sincerely feels in every little move that dwarfism hasn’t restricted them from various victories in life. The information that People Magazine got was that the lovable couple has recently adopted a boy child with just 3 years of age. The child is of a Chinese origin as per press information. They have named the adopted child; William. Bill and Jen are overwhelmed by the newcomer and feel that the child is a real healer after a menacing abortion from a surrogate source which conceived their real child.

The couple had constantly been craving for conception and they say that having a child is like the biggest gift to them. We could also see Bill and Jen stating in many instances that they realize the fact that having a child could be difficult because of their physical appearances; may be adopting or trying other ways to do it could solve the issue easily. However, both felt the ruin at the bottom of their hearts.

There is actually yet another piece of news lined up to excite the viewers. TLC is heading to launch the show again, this time along with the newcomer. It might be aired by the end of April possibly on the 30th. Considering life of Bill & Jen after adoption and how the phase progresses would be the main theme of TLC’s sixth set of “The Little Couple” episodes.

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