Top 5 astronomy apps for iOS

Top 5 astronomy apps for iOSIf you are interested in astronomy, then your iOS device can be your ticket to explore the heavens. There are hundreds of apps available on the iTunes App Store that are related to astronomy. These apps can easily be installed and using them can be a great learning experience. Here is a list of the top 5 astronomy apps available for iOS.

1.       StarMap

StarMap definitely deserves the top spot in our list. The app is available for both, iPhone and iPad and retails at $5.99. Apart from the solar system, the app maps more than 5,000 galaxies, 47,000 asteroids and 400 exo planets. The interface is very interactive and sure has an out of the world feel to it. StarMap can be downloaded from

2.       SkySafari 3 Plus

This is an augmented reality app that every stargazer must experience. SkySafari uses the gyroscope and the digital compass to map the stars. By pointing the phone to a particular patch of the sky, you can get detailed information about the orbital data and coordinates of the celestial bodies. The app retails at $14.00 and can be downloaded from

3.       NASA App

The NASA App is a free download that gives you access to astronomy picture and information about space missions. The app also allows you to stream NASA TV and watch on-demand videos. It also provides orbital data of all the satellites and using this, you can actually watch the spacecrafts flyby. NASA App can be downloaded from

4.       Star Walk – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide

If you are new to stargazing, then this is possible the best app to start with. By pointing your iOS device at the stars, the app charts out the constellations and gives you the names of the stars. The app can also be used to look at the past and future skies. Star Walk – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide retails at $2.99 and can be downloaded from

5.       Astronomy Picture of the Day

APOD is pretty popular among the astronomy and stargazing community. Every day, astronomers at NASA pick a picture and provide detailed description about it. Astronomy Picture of the Day is now available on your iOS device for free and can be downloaded from

We hope that these 5 apps help you explore the stars.

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