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The best of technology in the entertainment industry is brought to you by Time Warner Cable® in New York City. Check the twc locations nyc to learn if your neighborhood is covered, in order to enjoy one of the best services available in the entertainment sector,  covering Time Warner Cable® TV and Internet. When you search for’ twc nyc’, the search results will automatically pull up Time Warner Cable in New York City and give you details of the services provided in your area. The over 200 digital channels that you get, bring you the best of shows and movies, most of them in stunning HD.

Once you get to learn more about the many features that come along with Time Warner Cable TV, you will realize that this is not just another cable service. Take the DVR for instance, which lets you schedule your recordings, view upcoming recordings, cancel them if they do not interest you, and change the DVR recording options – all this through the TWC TV™ app. The other smart feature that should interest you is Look Back® that ensures you never worry about any missed program that is up to 3 days old. You have the power to go back and view the episode that you were looking forward to, but had to miss due to your busy work schedule. All you need to do is hit Select on your Look Back enabled program and highlight the date and the name of the program, to have it unfold all over again for your benefit.

That’s not all, TV Parental Controls gives you the power to decide what your children can watch and when. You can create effective blocks by rating and time and ensure that the kids do not view any adult content and are not up after bedtime, fiddling with the remote control. You can use the On-Screen guide to select whatever program you wish to view as the absolute controls remain with you at all times. Check out what is available On Demand and choose from an endless list of choice movies and shows that you can view at leisure.

Time Warner Cable® Internet comes to you in four well thought out plans. Standard, is the basic plan that comes with a speed of up to 10 Mbps and is great for light browsing and emailing. Turbo, with double the speed is good enough for people who wish to spend more time online to accomplish a variety of tasks. Extreme, as the name sounds is good for streaming videos and downloading large music files as it comes with a speed of. Whereas, Ultimate is for people who like to scale the limits as it is powered with an amazing speed of 50 Mbps and accomplishing any online task is easy and fast. In order to enjoy all this and a lot more, call us and we will be happy to assist you.

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