Unicorn Apocalypse is on Google Play!

Unicorn Apocalypse is on Google Play!Google Play releases remarkable games and applications which users would just love to grab. While the Google Play store is constantly updating its availability with millions of new versions and updates, people can download what all they want through an Android device.

Google Play Store has the sole credit of having released Rovio’s Angry Birds which has now unveiled the fresh version of Guns N Roses Slash performing the theme song for Angry Birds Space.

It actually doesn’t end there.

With the release of a new game Unicorn Apocalypse the Play store makes it look all the more attractive and this release has undoubtedly struck people with awe.

How was the game created?

  • While we have seen the game in most of the promotions in Samsung’s creations, the imaginary idea is all set to rock the gaming world.
  • Samsung also informed the press that they devised the game by running a competition among millions of open source programmers where their versions should almost resemble the game’s advertisement that Samsung promotes.
  • Finally the game was developed by Liquid Gameworks which was rewarded a cash prize.


  • The Game was seen in Google Play Store which was launched to download without any additional charges.
  • Unicorn Apocalypse is just a new born baby. It hasn’t received much comments and ratings.
  • Many users from nations have come out with problems as the game led to some sort of suspension in between running. The general complaint of the game is that it lets the player jumps from the ceiling and the inbuilt code never lets the unicorn’s life to last longer.
  • However, people continue to be happy with the construction of the innovative venture and believe that the errors would be eliminated at the earliest.
  • The game works amazingly well on higher order Androids of Samsung.
  • Many users have also commented stating that the game is similar to that of Robot Unicorn Attack & Adult Swim’s Ridiculous.
  • The settings that the games posses almost match except for some extras that Unicorn Apocalypse presents. Moreover, there is no necessity to spend any money while downloading unlike the previously mentioned two games.


  • The game would need more than 26 MB of internal storage and might take a while to download depending on the Internet speeds. It will also work from Android’s OS of version number 1.6 and those higher.


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