Vimeo Acquires Echograph App

Vimeo Acquires Echograph App

Acquisition has always been a part of the corporates and popular tech companies’ practices. We’ve seen the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, Skype & Yammer by Microsoft and the likes. And now, the company to enter the acquisition bandwagon is Vimeo, the popular video sharing website, which has recently acquired the GIF-creator app Echograph for an iPhone rollout.

Resources claim that such an initiative from the company is to ensure they don’t miss out from the new genre of multimedia that has witnessed a significant rise. Also, the rave reviews and positive reception of Vine app from Twitter has created a wave of response and massive adoption globally. And this could be a reason that has invariably led the company to acquire Echograph.

Though no information on the terms and deal has been published as of now, one major information that is spreading across the internet is that the app, which was previously a paid application, will now be available for free! Yes, the app was earlier priced at around $3, but now it will roll out on Apple’s app store for free. There is also information that the company is unwilling to restrict the availability of the application to iOS alone, and that it is keenly looking forward to release the app across all the OS platforms.

Regarding the acquisition, Kerry Trainor, the CEO of Vimeo says, “We chose Echograph because it helps people easily create beautiful high quality video content.

Resources also claim that the app will allow users to create a five second animated clip. The completed file will resemble a compilation of a set of still images or frames, which when played on a loop deliver an animated effect. This principle was partially used by Twitter’s Vine app that allows people to make a six second clip of animated images playing on loop. Users of Vine could upload and share their videos over the app or on their social media accounts. However, the shareable features and integration with social media are still unclear regarding the Echograph.

Apart from Vine, Echograph would compete against some of the already existing GIF creator apps like GIFBoom and Cinemagram. So, let’s see if Echogram has in it to emerge successful against its competitors and seamlessly offers benefits to business and casual users alike!

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